What is the best time of day to take vitamin D?

January 23, 2020

There are many different opinions regarding the best time of day to take vitamin D. In order to make sure that they take vitamins on a regular basis, people often make them part of their daily routine. There are reported benefits and drawbacks to both.

Benefits of vitamins in the morning

Some reasons why the morning has been chosen was that people reported that taking vitamins at night interferes with their sleep.[1] A 2007 study found that there was a correlation between vitamins and poor sleep, though nothing was proven. Practical considerations include the daily routine. Many families find that they have an established morning routine which they follow every day. If this sounds like your household, incorporating vitamins into your family’s morning routine may be something to consider implementing.

Benefits of vitamins in the evening

It has been reported that some people feel nauseous when taking vitamins.[2] Taking them before sleep could minimize those sensations. Your family may also find evenings are a time when you unwind and relax and therefore this could be a good time to incorporate your daily dose of vitamin D.

What about taking vitamin D during mealtime?

Some experts recommend taking Vitamin D with food. According to a study in 2010[3], vitamin D was approximately 50% more effective when taken with the largest meal of the day. Why is this you may ask? Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and is absorbed in the intestines. Sources suggest that taking vitamin D along with a large meal containing some fat or oils can be an effective way for vitamin D to be absorbed into the body. Keep in mind that Ddrops products already contain purified coconut oil, so vitamin D is already paired with an oil.

It seems that food intake and vitamin D a more significant factor than the time of day when vitamin D is taken. The many studies that try and nail down a time for optimal absorption are so conflicting that no one has a conclusion.[4]

The daily routine

With taking supplements, many people recommend building it into a daily routine to help make sure that you are consistent and stay on track. Another related point is to make it easy to take something daily. Some people find liquids (like Ddrops!) easier to swallow than pills and capsules. Since the time of day does not seem to affect vitamin D, it seems that as long as you are taking your vitamin D supplements at some point during the day, you are golden. Enjoy!


This article was reviewed and updated in August 2019

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