How can I be sure the tiny drop is ingested?

February 15, 2016

How this little drop has the entire day’s dosage is truly amazing!

To make sure the tiny drop is visible and actually ingested, we always recommend administering Ddrops® onto a clean surface first, rather than dropped directly into the mouth. This safe method prevents the Euro Ddropper™ from becoming contaminated by avoidable direct contact with the mouth. This method also allows for easy monitoring and visibility of the drop prior to taking in the product.

Ddrops® liquid vitamin D is a very unique product. Our patented Euro Ddropper TM is built right into the bottle, creating a self-dispensing dropper that ensures only the tiny amount of 0.028mL (as opposed to a full milliliter) is dispensed each and every time. The drop size is very consistent making the dosage accurate. This method also eliminates the need to use a measuring spoon, cup, or syringe.

All of our Ddrops® products contain only two ingredients (highest grade vitamin D and fractionated coconut oil). The fractionated coconut oil gives Ddrops® an oily texture that is nearly impossible to spit out of the mouth once it has been consumed. Since they are tasteless with no odor, they are taken without notice as well.

Baby Ddrops® is specifically designed for breastfed babies. Simply place just one drop where baby feeds. As the baby latches on, they will get their vitamin D along with their feed. Since most babies prefer liquid as it is more natural than a pill (even when crushed or diluted with water), giving Ddrops® to your baby should be a very easy task…hopefully one of the least stressful parts of your day!

We are proud to say that Ddrops® is a natural-sourced vitamin D supplement containing only two ingredients with no preservatives, chemicals, additives, flavours, or colours. Ddrops® are also wheat-free, gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, sugar-free, milk-free, and peanut-free. Ddrops® is a very easy solution to making sure that the ones you love get the vitamin D they need, just one drop at a time.

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