How do I work vitamin D into my daily routine?

September 8, 2016

Get out in the sun

Sunlight is a great way to get vitamin D. Mel Wakeman, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition & Applied Physiology at Birmingham City University has some advice for ensuring we maintain our time in the sun: ‘Spending 20-30 minutes between 11 am and 3 pm in the sun each day from April to September should enable us to make enough vitamin D to meet our requirements.’[1]

But what about the rest of the year? For those of us in northern climates who don’t have the luxury of heading south for the winter, try to feel the sun on your face at least once a day whether it’s a brisk walk with the dog, a romp with the kids in the backyard, or a quick skate on an outdoor rink. It is inevitable that your natural vitamin D levels will decrease during those times of the year, but being outside will help keep them level.

Leave your vitamin D supplement somewhere visible

Keep your Ddrops somewhere handy. This is easy since Ddrops does not require refrigeration.

Some suggested places include:

  • In your bathroom near your toothbrush
  • In the kitchen
  • With other daily medication
  • In your makeup bag
  • At your desk at work

Keep vitamin D rich foods on hand

Vitamin D can also be absorbed through vitamin D friendly foods. Having these foods in your fridge or cupboard on a regular basis will ensure that you are receiving vitamin D without even thinking about it. Food such as mushrooms, salmon, eggs, and cheese[2] is a delicious way to help you naturally increase your vitamin D in a healthy and delicious meal.


Reminder: Always talk to your doctor before starting any vitamin supplement routines.

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