Why is my Ddrops bottle not filled to the top?

January 27, 2020

When you first open your bottle of Ddrops®, it may appear partially filled or almost empty. Rest assured the Ddrops® product that you have purchased is perfectly normal. All of our Ddrops® products are filled to the specific number of dosages listed on the bottle, box, and insert. The bottles are not meant to be filled to the very top, so they will appear to be partially full. The bottle size is chosen for ease of use, safety, and label readability. If we were to make the bottle any smaller, you might have a hard time holding it as well as trying to administer it to your child.

Ddrops bottles always contain more

If your bottle is supposed to contain 90 drops, it will contain at least 90 drops. In actual fact, it will contain more doses than what is listed on the package. For instance, 90 doses of Baby Ddrops® is actually only 2.5 mL of liquid and this is contained in a 10 or 15 mL bottle. Consequently, this bottle of Baby Ddrops® appears to be only 1/4 full – but this is done by design. Always check that the safety seal neckband is intact when you first open the box to make sure no one has tampered with the product.

Keep in mind that each carefully measured drop of Ddrops® is only 0.03mL of liquid vitamin D, as opposed to 1 full mL of liquid-like many other liquid vitamin supplements on the market. There are no additional ingredients, aside from fractionated coconut oil and vitamin D. Ddrops® does not contain any additives, preservatives, artificial flavours, or colours and is also free from most common allergens like peanuts, corn, soy, and dairy making them great for the entire family to enjoy!


This article was reviewed and updated in August 2019

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