What is the amount of vitamin D requirement to raise blood levels?

What is the amount of vitamin D requirement to raise blood levels?
May 12, 2016

If you have been told that you lack the appropriate amount of vitamin D in your body, you are not alone. Overall, 41.6 per cent of Americans are estimated to be vitamin D deficient1 and 32 per cent of Canadians are estimated to be vitamin D insufficient 2. That can be frightening because none of us want weak, thin bones when we are seniors. Weak bones are related to osteoporosis, dubbed “a pediatric disease with geriatric consequences” 3, so we need to take preventative action now. But how?

Talk to your doctor

If you had your vitamin D blood test done, then your physician will be able to make a recommendation that is best for you. If you have not had your vitamin D tested but you are worried that you might have low vitamin D levels, you can request a vitamin D test from your doctor.

D2 or D3?

If you are taking vitamin D supplements to increase your blood vitamin D levels, you may want to pay attention to the version of vitamin D. Vitamin D3 (also known as cholecalciferol) has been proven to be more effective in raising vitamin D levels in the body compared to vitamin D2 (also known as ergocalciferol).4

When to take vitamin D supplements

You may be advised to take your vitamin D dose with your largest meal of the day. Studies show that by doing this, vitamin D absorption improves and there is an increase of 50 per cent in blood levels of vitamin D as a result.5 If you take Ddrops vitamin D, there is less need to worry about taking it with a large meal because Ddrops use a special oil blend as a carrier.

If your physician feels that your blood levels are lower, they may write a high-dose vitamin D prescription for you. This can range from 50,000 to 200,000 IU. It may take several weeks or months for your vitamin D blood levels to increase sufficiently. After your vitamin D levels normalize, a daily dose of 800 to 1000 IU of vitamin D will help maintain those levels.6



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