Our Story

Being a parent isn’t always easy. While trying to provide their baby with vitamin D, the creators of Ddrops® became frustrated. The liquid vitamin supplement they were told to use was often spit out by their baby. It was filled with artificial ingredients and tasted strong and like medicine. After being unable to find other solutions on the market, the idea to create simpler supplements was born.

The inventors of Ddrops® searched to determine just the right formula, method and ingredients to create Ddrops®. In doing so, they created the first liquid vitamin D supplement in just one drop, designed specifically for infants.

First launched in Canada in 2006, Ddrops® grew and soon entered the US, Europe and beyond. It quickly became a beloved and trusted brand among parents and health care professionals. Baby Ddrops® reinvented and revolutionized how the babies, kids and adults around the world get their vitamin D.

Parents could now easily administer just one drop of liquid vitamin D precisely at feeding time. It was a product developed from the beginning with no preservatives, allergens or artificial flavors. With no taste, it was designed from the start to not interfere with natural feeding. What could be easier?

The elegant simplicity of Ddrops has garnered accolades for our Company and our products. Ddrops researchers constantly work to apply our patented and award-winning innovations and delivery technologies to other areas of nutritional need. We identify nutrients and supplements that people need, and we apply our unique approach to optimize and simplify delivery. What guided us? It’s very simple. the best supplement is the one that people will take. Moms know if kids take the product without much fuss, that’s the product that works best.

In 2017, Thinkmist® was introduced as one such result of Ddrops research and development efforts. While ordinary fish oils supplements have been around a long time and have proven benefits, they are not the easiest to take. Thinkmist® changed that. The technology behind it challenged conventional thinking. Thinkmist features a low volume, ultra-highly concentrated formulation with precise spray-mist delivery, making the impossible… possible. Giving kids the brain-building DHA they need was now easy.

2018 marked the year Coldrops® introduced a revolution in managing coughs and cold symptoms. With Coldrops®, Coldrops Mister® and Kids Coldrops®, Ddrops Company put ordinary lozenges on notice. Our patented Mentoil® technology delivers a concentrated and consistent dose of soothing menthol in a single drop. Never before has it been possible to manage cough, sore throat and sniffles so easily and effectively.

This constant pursuit for better ways to get just the nutrients our families need is what drives us to create what we think are the best vitamins and supplements available.

About us:

At Ddrops Company, we are passionate about nutritional supplements that support the healthy growth and development of infants and children (and adults, too). These supplements make life a little simpler for Moms, so they can give the best to their families, every day.

Ddrops Company is 100% Canadian-owned and operated, located close to Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Ddrops Company’s foundation is as a world-leader in manufacture, sales and research of vitamin D nutritional supplements. Ddrops® products are manufactured in our own NSF- certified GMP facilities in Canada. We proudly stand by our quality and show this by holding two levels of NSF International certification – NSF GMP Facility Certification, and NSF Product Certification.

Ddrops Company follows the highest good manufacturing practices (GMPs) of the supplement and therapeutic goods industries and takes steps beyond these high standards. We want to ensure our products are of the highest quality.

Every year, millions of mothers across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., rely on our hero product, Baby Ddrops® vitamin D, for their newborns.

Ddrops® products are sold in thousands of pharmacies, health food stores and groceries throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Our commitment to providing simple, science-based, premium nutritional supplements is why we have developed a thorough process to create products specifically formulated to Mom’s, baby’s, and family’s unique needs.

Ddrops products are based on the following product principles:

First, it must be the right formulation with high quality ingredients and concentrations based on clinical research and dietary gaps, not too little and not too much… just the right amount!

At the same time, it must be simple. We believe what we put in is just as important as what we leave out. Our ingredients are carefully selected, and we never use artificial flavors, colors, GMO’s or unnecessary additives, so parents can feel confident in what they are giving their baby, and themselves!

Our products must also offer convenient administration, providing parents with a simpler way to deliver important nutrients for their little ones and big ones, supporting healthy growth and development.

Then, each lot is thoroughly tested to not only meet but exceed industry and regulatory standards. All Ddrops® products are proven safe, effective, contaminant-free and stable, ready to withstand heat, cold and bright light on its journey from us to you. Ddrops® is quality certified by NSF, non-GMO, and holds many other third-party testing certifications.

Finally, it must be trusted and supported by science. Ddrops® is Canada’s #1 Infant vitamin brand and has been trusted by moms and healthcare professionals since 2006.* Through our extended Ddrops® family of pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and other health care professionals we are always in-tune with the latest scientific research to better understand the growing needs of mom, baby, and families.

Ddrops® products have been used in more than a dozen clinical trials around the world demonstrating efficacy and safety in all ages, from infants to adults. These studies were completed in partnership with some of the best educational and research institutions across North America and Europe. The science behind our products ensures we are delivering clinically proven supplements for the whole family.

Award winning products

From our family to yours, we have high standards for our products. This is why Ddrops Company is recognized by the community and respected organizations. Scroll through our certifications to learn more.

Mom's Choice Awards

The Mom’s Choice Awards (MCA) evaluates products and services created for children, families and educators. The program is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services. To learn more, click here.

parent tested parent approved

The PTPA Seal of Approval is awarded to products that have been tested and approved by real millennial families. No bias, just an authentic endorsement from real people. To learn more, click here.

bounty Mums Love

Once a year the customers at Well.ca vote for their favorite brands and products, celebrating the best in green products. This annual award highlights the green and natural picks customers are loving. To learn more, click here.

2016 National Parenting Product Awards

The National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) is a team of independent expert judges and family testers to review each submission thoroughly. Products that receive the prestigious NAPPA award are quality products that parents and professionals can trust. To learn more, click here.

The Cribsie Awards

The Cribsie Awards recognize the best products, services, and websites for babies and tots. The Cribsies offer a true, untainted measure of the public’s opinion on the top parenting brands. You nominate. We select. Parents vote. To learn more, click here.


NSF certification is an independent organization that tests and ensures a product complies with specific standards for safety, quality, sustainability and performance. To learn more, click here.


Non-GMO Project Verified is North America’s most trusted third-party verification for non-GMO products and creates the Standard for what it means to be non-GMO. Ddrops® products have been evaluated and certified to meet the Non-GMO Project’s Standard for GMO avoidance. To learn more, click here.


We are passionate about quality! Our research and development is geared toward searching for high-quality ingredients, simplifying formulations, and testing to ensure purity.

Ddrops Company has high-standards for all products. Ddrops® products are manufactured in government licensed GMP facilities in Canada and hold NSF product certification worldwide. Ddrops Company follows the good manufacturing standards common in the industry and takes steps beyond these high-standards to ensure that our products are consistent, safe, and of the highest-quality.

If you have any concerns or feedback for us, please feel free to drop in on our online conversations, contact us at 1-844-4 Ddrops (1-844-433-7677) or email us at hello@vitaminddrops.com