Insurance Coverage for Ddrops®

Do insurance plans provide coverage for Ddrops® products?

The answer depends on each insurance plan, their list of covered items (or formulary). Each plan may have developed a policy regarding coverage for over the counter (OTC), non-prescription vitamin D supplements like Ddrops®.

Ddrops Company has provided reimbursements codes to several data warehouses in the United States. We cannot confirm that these codes have been published nor that Ddrops® products are accepted by various insurance plans. The table below provides some product-specific codes for each Ddrops® product available in the US. The reimbursement code follows the number format usually required by some insurance companies. Please note that private insurance plans have their own coding system, and it is best to contact your insurance provider for more specific and accurate information.

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*Based on a 2022 survey among American pediatricians recommending an infant vitamin D brand.